Client Testimonials

What Clients Are Saying…

“I received several e-mails directly from our reps! Rare for a representative to e-mail a Vice President about something positive! Your training was one of the enablers that changed our product trajectory for the center. They have exceeded 100% of target every month since your training, improving earlier run rate by 33%!”
- Vice President, Major Telecommunications Co.

“Our results have been most encouraging! We have spent quite a bit of time to deliver immediate, specific and positive feedback to our reps and managers, thanks to your workshops! We ended the month at a record high and are progressing nicely this month even though the objectives have increased. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you. You are truly a role model!”
- General Manager of Outbound Sales

“I just wanted to let you know how well our folks received you and your message. Thank you so much for joining us on such short notice – it was truly dynamic! You will be hearing from us!”
- Regional Manager, Insurance Firm

“Thank you for the inspiring presentation you gifted our students with last week. You truly have the gift to transform lives with your words of encouragement and motivation. Thank you again for coming!”
- Principal, Adult Education

“I feel Sheri Watts is on positive energy and just being in the same room with her is motivational! We heard a lot of good positive things. I hope the company continues with this effort to bring positivity into our center.”
- Outbound Call Center Representative
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